Mix Rousseau has been moved to Frankfurt/M

Wednesday, March 21. 2012
Our german Mix Rousseau has been moved from Cologne/Germany to Frankfurt/Germany. It is now located at the Databurg Tier 3 facility (since January 2012 that DC belongs to TELEHOUSE) near the Frankfurt/M city centre. That measure supports our effort to provide even more stable cascades within the anonymous proxy server network. Have fun and please excuse any inconvenience.

Mix Hermes relocated to Kiev/Ukraine

Tuesday, September 6. 2011

Dear Customers,

since today the Hermes-Grolsch-Transformer Cascade has been reconfigured. It's entry mix has been moved from Prague/CZ to Kiev/UA. Therewith that Cascade is now setup as follows:

  • Mix 1: Hermes
    Location:   Kiev / Ukraine
    Operator: Behrens

  • Mix 2: Grolsch
    Location:   Amsterdam / Netherlands
    Operator: Pimenidis IT Consulting

  • Mix 3: Transformer
    Location:   Scotland / United Kingdom
    Operator: Yatrade Ltd.

With that we support efforts to strengthen the network through providing more mixes outside the European Union. Currently only the minority of 33 premium mixes are located outside the EU: four in Switzerland, two in the US, one at a time in Canada and the Ukraine.


Cascade Reconfiguration

Wednesday, November 17. 2010
Dear Users,

since the JonDonym Network had many Cascades which were spanned over only two countries, two of them have just been reconfigured to improve anonymity. Therefore we formed one new six and another five country cascade. Those new cascades are set up as follows:

Cascade Kepler-Benda-Qantas:

Mix 1: Kepler
Location: Prague / Czech Republic
Operator: United Kingdom

Mix 2: Benda
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
Operator: Germany

Mix 3: Qantas
Location: Luxembourg / Luxembourg
Operator: Bulgaria

Cascade Hermes-Grolsch-backupsol:

Mix 1: Hermes
Location: Prague / Czech Republic
Operator: Germany

Mix 2: Grolsch
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
Operator: Germany

Mix 3: backupsol
Location: Scotland / United Kingdom
Operator: Backup Solutions

Have fun! :-)

Planned Maintenance on Wednesday 30/06/2010

Friday, June 25. 2010
Due to increased overall traffic our provider will expand it's interconnection. Therefore they'll carry out maintenance work on their core routers on Wednesday 30/06/2010 commencing from 1:00 am through 5:00 am.

The following cascades may be affected:

Premium Cascade
- Koelsch-Rousseau-SecureInternet

Free Cascade
- Papier-Vega

The cascades will be unavailable for approximately a few seconds during the above maintenance window.

Best regards, Martin Behrens

Premium Cascade status update

Sunday, May 23. 2010
Since yesterday the availability of the following Premium cascades is marked unknown:

- Euklid-Rode-ExarKun
- Circinus-Grimm-Kepler

The classification is caused by expired operator certs of Harim Arevalo and SurfSky Ltd. SurfSky Ltd. has already requested the cert renewal but right now our thoughts are with Harim Arevalo:

He's located in Louisiana/USA and wrote a few days ago that his availability will be minimal in the next coming weeks. As you've probably know the oil spill has already reached shores of Louisiana a few days ago. He and his local employees have begun assisting voluntarily in the clean up efforts and are supporting their local community.

So we don't exactly know when those certs will be renewed. As long as they haven't been exchanged, JonDo will keep filter those cascades out.

We're sorry for any inconvenience.