Thunderbird 24.1 and TorBirdy

Tuesday, November 5. 2013

If you were running Thunderbird 24.1 with TorBirdy you have to update to TorBirdy 1.2 (strongly recommended). This version is not available on the Mozilla add-on website at the moment but it is reviewed by Mozilla and will be published soon. At the moment you have to download torbirdy-current.xpi and install it by hand. Install instructions you may find in our online help: Configuration of Mozilla Thunderbird.

For all other user of TorBirdy an update is encouraged too.

Cookieless Cookie Fake Test

Thursday, October 24. 2013

Last time we got some hints about a cookieless cookie test. Some JonDonym user were afraid of being tracked by the test with ETags and want to know our opinion about the Firefox add-on Self-Destructing Cookies, which is promoted on the website.

At short: it is a fake test and the add-on Self-Destructing Cookies is more or less useless.

The Cookieless Cookie Test

On the test page you can find a short description. The author claims, that he don't use Cookies, Javascript, LocalStorage, Flash, Java or other plugins, the IP address, user agent string or any methods employed by Panopticlick. He claims, that he uses only ETags from browser cache for the tracking demonstration.

Let's make a test. I used JonDoFox+JonDo and open the page: Number of visits: 1
Stored text: <empty>

Ok - let's reload the page: Number of visits: 2
Stored text: <empty>

I stored a small text and click the "Store" button: Number of visits: 3
Stored text: <my text>

I closed JonDoFox, open it again and load the test page: Number of visits: 4
Stored text: <my text>

What a fuck! You want to tell me, you can track a JonDoFox by using ETags? Bullshit! Let's make an moose accident test and change the IP address. The author claims, that he don't use the IP address but only ETags from browser cache. I switched the mix cascade and reload the test with a new IP address, without browser restart and without clearing the cache. If it was possible for the test to track my browser I have to see "5" visits and my text, but I got: Number of visits: 2
Stored text: <empty>

Ok - after some more test and logging the HTTP header it was clear. The test uses the IP address for session tracking and the user agent but not ETags. If an ETag was sent or not didn't affect the test result. The claims of the author are lies, it is a fake test.

Firefox add-on "Self-Destructing Cookies"

The main goal of cookieless cookie test is the promotion of the Firefox add-on Self-Destructing Cookies. It should protect you from tracking by cookiesless cookies. To test the add-on I created a fresh Firefox profil, made a try to install the add-on and got an error message: "not for your operating system". Fuck! But I found a laptop with a supported operating system and installed the add-on for a test.

  1. At first I tested the add-on with our Anonymity Test. The add-on works like expected. It removes cookies and ETags if Firefox was closed or if the browser tab was closed. It doesn't protect the surfer from third-party tracking with ETags.

    Firefox offers same protection by default without add-ons. You may delete cookies and ETags at shutdown by configuration settings and you can delete cookies and ETags during websurfing by hit CTRL-SHIFT-DEL. It is not required to close the browser tab.

    JonDoFox and JonDoBrowser offer much better protection against tracking with ETags.

  2. Afterwards I tested the add-on with the cookieless cookie test page. For my first visit I got: Number of visits: 1
    Stored text: <empty>

    After reload the page I got: Number of visits: 1
    Stored text: <empty>

    Reload ... reload ... reload: Number of visits: 1
    Stored text: <empty>

    This result is very strange, because the add-on doesn't protect against tracking with ETags, if you don't close the browser tab. To be sure I logged the HTTP header. The HTTP request sent by the browser for a tracking image was: GET HTTP/1.1 Host:
    User-Agent: ....
    ... Referer:
    Connection: keep-alive
    If-Modified-Since: Sat, 17 Aug 2013 16:37:37 GMT
    If-None-Match: "6185-4e427532a9640"
    Cache-Control: max-age=0

    The webserver responded with: HTTP/1.0 304 Not Modified
    Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2013 21:05:44 GMT
    Server: Apache
    ETag: "6185-4e427532a9640"
    X-Cache: MISS from none
    Connection: keep-alive
    Proxy-Connection: keep-alive

    Ok - an ETag was send back to the server and the server recognized the ETag - no tracking protection in case. The Test page shows a wrong fake result. It seems, the test page can detect the installed add-on and show a wrong, fake result in this case.

It may be interesting to check the code of the add-on. Why was it not possible to implement a portable solution running on all operating systems for this simple task done by the add-on? I don't have time for fun, but if someone else will have a look at the code...

Information leaks by search plug-ins

Friday, October 18. 2013

If you were using the JonDoFox profile for Firefox you will find search plug-ins installed by default and search plug-ins installed by JonDoFox in the list of search engines:

search plug-ins

The search plug-ins installed by default are not very privacy-friendly and may leak information about the used browser and/or operating system. It is possible to discover the user-agent send by JonDoFox as a fake and use minor differences to discriminate between JonDonym users. Some examples of search URLs by using default installed plug-ins:

Google (Windows, Ubuntu, FreeBSD):<word>....&rls=org.mozilla:de:official....<word>....<word>....&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:unofficial....

DuckDuckGo (Ubuntu, FreeBSD):<word>&t=canonical<word>&t=freebsd

Amazon (Windows, Ubuntu, FreeBSD):<word>....&tag=firefox-de-21<word>....&tag=wwwcanoniccom-20<word>....&tag=mozilla-20

Conclusion: Do NOT use the search engines installed by default but use the JonDoFox search plug-ins. You may disable unwanted search plug-ins by "manage search engines" dialog.

manage search plugins

New NSA Datacenter online

Saturday, September 28. 2013

A year ago the whistleblower W. Binney published information about the planned new NSA datacenter in Bluffdale (Utah). This datacenter will be the largest NSA datacenter worldwide and it will be at first a bottomless storage. Among other data it will store all Google searches, alle GMail email and all chats forever. By an article of the newspaper Salt Lake Tribune this new datacenter is (partially) online now.

In Germany the NSA builds a new Consolidated Intelligence Centers for $124 Mio. in Wiesbaden-Erbenheim (US-army headquarters). The first information about the new NSA spying center in Germany was leaked by Snowden and is now confirmed by the NSA partner German Federal Intelligence Service (BND).

Part-Time developer for JonDoBrowser

Wednesday, September 25. 2013

We are looking for an enthousiastic developer to support us in improve the free JonDoFox/JonDoBrowser as a side-job or part-time job. In particular, we aim to enhance the software to an even more user-friendly browser for anonymous web surfing in the scope of the JonDonym anonymisation system.

Prerequisites: Interest or experiences in

  • JavaScript programming or Firefox browser extensions
  • online tracking techniques and online anonymity
  • C++

Preferably, you add a programming example of your work to your application, and some short comments what you did in the area of software development before.

Whoever wants to support playing tricks on prism is invited hereby! Please write to: support [at] (OpenPGP: 0xF1305880).

Geheimdienste außer Kontrolle

Monday, September 16. 2013

Die Enthüllungen von Snowden/Greenwald zeigen vor allem, dass die Geheimdienste außer Kontrolle geraten sind. Das betrifft nicht nur NSA und GCHQ, die im Mittelpunkt stehen, sondern auch die deutschen Geheimdienste. Die parlamentarische Kontrolle funktioniert nicht oder hat nie funktioniert. Die Diskussion über Details der Veröffentlichungen sollte das Wesentliche nicht verdrängen.

  • Hr. Steinmeier (SPD) hat als Geheimdienstkoordinator von Ex-Kanzler Schröder ein Kooperations­abkommen zwischen BND/BfV und NSA unterzeichnet, das Deutschland zu dem am stärksten überwachte Land in Europa gemacht hat. Die zuständigen Kontroll­gremien wurden davon nicht informiert.

  • Während die NSA monatlich 500 Mio. Datensätze in Deutschland mit Unterstützung von BND, MAD und Verfassungs­schutz abschnorchelt, erzählt der amtierende Geheimdienstkoordinator Pofalla der Parlamentarischen Kontroll­kommision (PKG), dass im gesamten Jahr 2012 nur 2 Datensätze (in Worten: ZWEI) an die NSA übergeben worden sein sollen.

  • Im Rahmen von "Project 6" betreiben BND und Verfassungsschutz zusammen mit der CIA Datensammlungen auch über deutsche Bürger. Die zuständigen Kontroll­gremien sind über diese Kooperation nicht informiert. Es gibt keine unabhängige Prüfung, ob die Daten­sammlungen mit deutschen Gesetzen vereinbar sind.

  • Der Verfassungsschutz testet das Analyse- und Spionagetool "XKeyscore" und hat sich verpflichtet, als Gegenleistung für die kostenlose Überlassung der Software alle daraus gewonnen Erkenntnisse mit der NSA zu teilen. Die Beschreibung der Features von "XKeyscore" in den von Snowden und Greenwald veröffentlichten Folien zeigt, das der Einsatz des Programms nicht mit Rechts­sprechung des Bundes­verfassungs­gerichtes vereinbar ist.

  • Während deutsche Manager sich immer wieder wundern, das amerikanische Konkurrenten über Technologien verfügen, die in Deutschland entwickelt wurden, behauptet der Verfassungsschutz, dass es keine Wirtschaft­spionage der USA oder Großbritanniens gegen deutsche Unternehmen gäbe. Dem Verfassungsschutz wäre kein einziger Fall bekannt. Eine einfache Suche im Internet widerlegt diese Behauptung. Dem Verfassungsschutz ist auch nicht bekannt, dass der GCHQ für Wirtschaftsspionage zuständig ist und dafür Analysten mit mit Sprach­kennt­nis­sen insbesondere in fran­zö­sisch, ita­lie­nisch, spa­nisch – und deutsch sucht(e).

    Ein anonymer Mitarbeiter des Verfassungsschutz sagte bereits 1998 in der Sendung PlusMinus des WDR:

    Mir sind über 50 solcher Fälle von Wirtschaftsspionage bekannt. Wenn wir auf solche Aktivitäten stoßen, werden wir von unseren Vorgesetzten zurückgepfiffen. Wir dürfen unsere Erkenntnisse meist weder an den Staatsanwalt noch an die betroffenen Firmen weitergeben. Aus Rücksicht auf unsere Verbündeten.

    Statt dessen warnt der Verfassungsschutz seit Jahren regelmäßig vor Wirtschaftsspionage aus China und Russland. Das ist trivial und wenig originell, dafür brauchen wir keinen Geheimdienst.

  • Entgegen der offiziellen Linie der Bundesregierung beteiligt(e) sich der BND an dem Überfall der USA auf den Irak und mischt sich im Bürgerkrieg in Syrien aktiv ein. Obwohl die Regierung Schröder offiziell behauptete, sich nicht am Irak Krieg zu beteiligen, lieferte der BND wichtige Geheimdienst­informationen und war an der Markierung von Zielen beteiligt. In Syrien liefert der BND Informationen über Truppenbewegungen der syrischen Armee and die USA, die an die "Rebellen" weitergegeben werden.

    Ein BND-Mitarbeiter sagte stolz gegenüber der Bild-Zeitung:

    Wir können stolz darauf sein, welch wichtigen Beitrag wir zum Sturz des Assad-Regimes leisten.

Schlussfolgerung: Es bestehen erhebliche Zweifel, dass die Geheimdienste im Rahmen ihrer Arbeit die Verfassung und geltende Rechts­sprechung respektieren. Die amtierende politische Elite ist jedoch nicht bereit, aus dieser Erkenntnis die notwendigen Schlussfolgerungen abzuleiten. Innenminister Friedrich (CDU/CSU), der mit einem selbst kreierten "Supergrundrecht Sicherheit" die verfassungs­mäßigen Schutzrechte der Bürger aushebeln möchte, versuchte inzwischen mehrfach die Snowden-Affäre für beendet zu erklären. Bezeichnend sind die Nicht-Antworten der Bundesregierung auf Fragen der Abgeordneten des Bundestages.

Geheimdienste sind nicht sakrosankt

Die Humanistische Union fordert seit Jahren die Auflösung des Verfassungsschutz und wird dabei von anderen zivil-gesellschaftlichen Organisationen unterstützt. Nach Ansicht von W. Ridder, der 20 Jahre für den Verfassungs­schutz gearbeitet hat, habe der Inlands­geheim­dienst nicht einen einzigen Terroranschlag verhindern können und mit Ausnahme des Mordfalls Buback auch nie zur Aufklärung beigetragen (Verfassung ohne Schutz). Trauriger Höhepunkt ist die systematische Aktenvernichtung in mehreren Ämtern des Verfassungsschutz in der NSU-Affäre. Statt dessen hat Verfassungs­schutz mit dem V-Leute System schwerkriminelle, rechts­extreme Straf­täter vor Straf­verfolgung geschützt (z.B. den Neonazi S. Seemann, Gründer des "Blood and Honour" Netzwerk). Das ist der Polizei seit Jahren bekannt. Durch die Finanzierung der Gründung von Terror­gruppen wie Melvüt Kar (Sauerland und zwei weitere Terrorgruppen) oder Irfan P. (GIMF, Globale Islamische Medienfront) wurde eine latente Strategie der Spannung geschaffen, um neue Sicherheitsgesetze durchzudrücken, die dann gegen politische Aktivisten angewendet werden (z.B. Dr. Rolf Gössner, a.i.d.a., Gegner von Stuttgard21 u.a.m.)

Die vom Bundestag eingesetzte Expertenkommission zur Evaluierung der Anti-Terror-Gesetze empfiehlt in ihrem Abschlussbericht die Auflösung des MAD.

Die Landtagsfraktionen der PiratenPartei in Saarland, NRW, Schleswig-Holstein und Berlin fordern in einer gemeinsamen Erklärung die ersatzlose Auflösung der Geheimdienste:

Die Piratenfraktionen wollen die Geheimdienste in Bund und Ländern abschaffen. Die geheimdienstlichen Aufgaben sollen keiner anderen Organisation übertragen werden. Auf dem Weg dorthin wollen wir die Kontrolle der Dienste stark ausbauen und deren Kompetenzen zurückfahren. Unsere Auffassung einer freien und demokratischen Gesellschaft ist mit der Existenz von Geheimdiensten nicht vereinbar.

Der CCC fordert die Abschaffung der Geheimdienste, eine strafrechtliche Verfolgung aller Täter und Nutznießer der ausufernden Überwachung und die Kündigung des "Safe Harbor" Feigenblatt Abkommens mit den USA zur Wieder­einführung von Grund­rechten und Rechtsstaatlichkeit.

Tor botnet?

Friday, August 30. 2013

In the last days the metrics of register a drastically growing number of Tor clients connecting to the network. It started on August 19. (two days before the chemical attack in Syria) and is going on at the moment. Over ten days the number of Tor clients increase from 500,000 up to 1,400,000.

Tor User

At the same time the performance of the Tor network was not affected. May be, the new clients don't use much traffic or the traffic reserve of Tor is larger than expected. The Tor network itself seems not to be the target of a DDoS.

Tor User

A visualizations created by C. Anderson shows great gains over 91 countries. Local censorship or other events make little sense for explanation. The only country that didn't gain was Israel, as R. Dingledine pointed out: "...that will keep the bellies of conspiracy theorists full for months...". The Tor community is in discussion about the reasons. Mike Perry wrote a small aggregation on the OR talk mailing list:

We seem to have three competing hypotheses, sorted in order of decreasing prior probabilities:

1. Botnet (Totally not run from Israel, we swear)

2. Pirate Browser ( & PLUR guys, but get with the program: Src+Gitian FTW)

3. Censorship/sudden unrest (sudden+globally coordinated? Seems unlikely)

There are many use cases of such a botnet for criminals. But a botnet of this size may be enough to take down the communication of a small country partially. This was demontrated by North Korean hacker unit Lab 110 in June 2009. It uses a botnet with less than 200.000 computers to attack South Korean communication networks. During the Georgian-Russian war in 2008 Georgia was disconnected from Internet by botnet attacks in combination with other cyberwar attacks.

Without further investigation everything is only conspiracy theory. But it will be interesting to see, what's going on next days.

(By the way: comments are closed because of spamming. Please use our forum for discussion.)

New Mix Operator

Thursday, August 29. 2013

We added 3620Systems, LLC to our list of verified mix operators. 3620Systems is located in Rochester, NY (USA). At the moment a test cascade with a first mix is running together with JonDos GmbH.

Small statement of M. Israel (CEO of 3620Systems, LLC) about his intention to join JonDonym:

Politically I follow the Pirate Party and hold the stance that information should be free, and I support the efforts of Wikileaks to make sure that information remains free.

In the last time some user of JonDonym recommended the exclusion of all US and British mix operators because of the PRISM leak of E. Snowden. We don't follow this opinion.

E. Snowden published documents about one espionage complex. The NSA in partnership with GCHQ, DSD, CSEC, GCSB and associated partners like German BND are the largest known espionage complex of the world. But there other intelligence services with vast espionage activities like FRA (Sweden), SSSI (Russia), Mossad (Israel) and more.

We can't see a border between "bad" and "good" nations but only between spying agencies and privacy activists. We don't have any reason to distrust our mix operators.

We see the writing on the wall

Monday, August 12. 2013

Last week the email provider was closed. It was one of few secure email provider. It was used by Edward Snowden along with other privacy sensitive users. Ladar Levison (founder of did not say what it had been asked to do, only that it was legally prohibited from sharing the events leading to its decision. He don't want to "become complicit in crimes against the American people.". In an interview he said:

If you knew what I know about email, you might not use it either.

A second secure email service was closed last week too. Lavabit's note has led to Silent Circle dropping its email service, saying "We see the writing on the wall, and we have decided that it is best for us to shut down Silent Mail now.". In the opinion of Phil Zimmermann and other privacy activist working for Silent Circle there is no way to get email secure:

Email that uses standard Internet protocols cannot have the same security guarantees that real-time communications has. There are far too many leaks of information and metadata intrinsically in the email protocols themselves. Email as we know it with SMTP, POP3, and IMAP cannot be secure.

Because of publications by NSA whistleblowers like Snowden, Binney, Bamford or Drake we get knowledge about vast surveillance programs. Email is one of the first targets for communication surveillance. It seems, there is no email privacy any more. You may re-think you communication behavior and don't use email anymore as far as possible in future. Think about Jabber (XMPP), private messages in forums, TorChat... More ideas are welcome.

OCSP Cookies

Tuesday, July 16. 2013

A little bit fun with cookies

Not only big data companies are using cookies for tracking. Some certification authorities (CAs) are using cookies to collect data about visitors of HTTPS encrypted websites or email services.

OCSP is used by some certification authorities for this purpose. A browser or email client may use OCSP for online validation of SSL certificates during connect. An ocsp-request is send to the OCSP server of the certification authority which signed the certificate to check if it is still valid. The URL for OCSP validation is encoded in the SSL certificate.

The HTTP header for an example ocsp-request by fist connection to a GlobalSign signed website looks like:

User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (...) Gecko/20130626 Firefox/17.0 Iceweasel/17.0.7
Accept: text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9
Accept-Language: de-de,de;q=0.8,en-us;q=0.5,en;q=0.3
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate
Proxy-Connection: keep-alive
Content-Length: 117
Content-Type: application/ocsp-request

The ocsp-response from the server contains the information if the SSL certificate is valid or not. Some certification authorities try to set a long-term cookie with the ocsp-response. The cookie set by GlobalSign is valid for 6 years.

HTTP/1.0 200 OK
Server: cloudflare-nginx
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2013 19:59:18 GMT
Content-Type: application/ocsp-response
Content-Length: 1499
CF-Cache-Status: HIT
Vary: Accept-Encoding
Expires: Thu, 18 Jul 2013 19:59:18 GMT
Set-Cookie: __cfduid=57a288498324f76b1d1373918358; expires=Mon, 23-Dec-2019 23:50:00 GMT; path=/;
CF-RAY: 8e9084e0d3206fa

If the surfer visit an other HTTPS encrypted website signed by GlobalSign, the cookie is send in the ocsp-request. The HTTP header of the request looks like:

User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (...) Gecko/20130626 Firefox/17.0 Iceweasel/17.0.7
Accept: text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,*/*;q=0.8
Accept-Language: de-de,de;q=0.8,en-us;q=0.5,en;q=0.3
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate
Proxy-Connection: keep-alive
Content-Length: 117
Content-Type: application/ocsp-request
Cookie: __cfduid=57a288498324f76b1d1373918358

The certification authority will get a fragmentary list of visited websites or used email accounts. The list contains only websites which using SSL certificates signed by the CA.

Mozilla Firefox up to version 17.0 handle OCSP cookies like third party cookies. Firefox 18.0 and newer does noct accept OCSP cookies any more. Because of restrictive settings JonDoFox and JonDoBrowser does not accept OCSP cookies even if used together with Firefox 17.0. In combination with the add-on TorBirdy Mozilla Thunderbird is secure too. If you were using Thunderbird without TorBirdy you may set following value:

network.cookie.cookieBehavior = 2

It is possible to disable OCSP in encryption settings dialog. The benefits for security are low, it was never really secure by design. In 2009 Moxi Marlinspike demonstrated how to fool OCSP: Defeating OCSP With The Character '3' (PDF). Tools for man-in-the-middle attacks like sslsniff circumvent OCSP automatically.

Weaponized information technology

Tuesday, July 2. 2013

The documents leaked by E. J. Snowden offer a small view on the world-wide spying activities of NSA and GCHQ. But GB and USA are not the only one. The ongoing international development of espionage is very dynamically. Latest newcomer in the club of PRISM brothers are India, Finland and Germany. In Germany the spying capacities of BND will be extended with a 100 Mio. Euro program over next 5 years to improve the warrant-less spying on central internet nodes like DE-CIX.

Where are we going?

New technologies ....

The technological base for vast espionage is the development of information technology und the growing usage of the Internet.

  • The internet is used for more and more kinds of communication. More and more information is crossing central internet nodes. This is an invitation for intelligence agencies to monitoring it.

  • High sophisticated search technologies offer the possibility to discover relevant information in large data stores. We are using this search technologies day by day like a duck takes to water. We send keywords to our preferred search engines and expect useful results out of billions of public websites.

    Intelligence agencies are using this technologies for searching collected data too. Recorded Future is a joint venture of Google and In-Q-Tel for utilization of the sophisticated Google search technology for intelligence tasks.

  • The mathematical analysis of abstract networks and graphs was adapted for our contact networks. It offers the possibility for sophisticated analysis of communication meta data. Public research results are Project Gaydar, which uses Facebook contacts to discover which students are gay, or Identification of opinion leaders in social networks by Universities of Berlin and Vienna. The research results may be adapted for other proposes, it is only an example.

    It is used by Dutch intelligence services to identify opinion leaders in government critical groups and handicap them individually in manifold ways (by yearly deep tax checking... and other bullying) to disturb the work of the groups.

  • Spam filtering is a well known technology to hide unwanted or not relevant information. We use it day by day.

    By example the usage of this technology was reported for German BND since 2011 to prevent keyword spamming in observed email traffic. 95% of emails with "terrorist" keywords are rejected automatically from more detailed analysis by spam filter techniques. In the remaining 5% (approx. 2 mio. emails per year) only 0.01% contains real interesting information for BND. The filter need some improvements. But each improvement in automated pre-processing will increase the amount of scanned traffic.

Technical advances may be used for improving our live or may be used for other goals too.

.... are weaponized

Unfortunately almost all technologies are weaponized in our world. "Because it is possible it will be done." Time by time some weaponized technologies are very dangerous in inhuman like nuclear weapons or chemical weapons. Such weapons have to outlaw for usage by international agreements to protect human rights.

The usage of information technologies for vast espionage is such a weaponized technologies with deep impact on all level of our society. It influences international collaboration if NSA and GCHQ are spying on diplomatic mission like UNO, G8 and G20 meetings or the boards of EU. It influences economical development because of usage for economic spionage. Political activities and interest groups are manipulated and each individual may be handicapped in manifold ways. It violates human rights in a global manner. Everybody is affected, directly or non-directly.

Espionage is not used in the interest of our society by default, it is used by a small elite who have access to the results. The interests may differ time by time.

The documents leaked by E. J. Snowden (supported by G. Greenwald) opened the eyes of many people about the vast espionage and the deep impact for our society. It is time to use the popular outrage to drive our governments into a political process to outlaw espionage and protect human rights by international agreements. A first campaign for data protection agreements to prevent espionage was launched by several Pirate Parties.

Please support: AntiPRISM.


Sunday, June 30. 2013

I am leaving JonDos and I thought I'd take the opportunity to thank all our users who made that adventure happen for me in the last 4 and a half years. Stay engaged. It is more needed than ever. A special thanks goes to Rolf Wendolsky, a.k.a. jondos. Not many would have considered employing me. I won't forget that.

Alptraum Sicherheit - Buchempfehlung

Friday, June 28. 2013

Auzüge aus Rezensionen:

Die Autorin und Dokumentarfilmerin Marita Neher zeigt anhand konkreter Fallbeispiele, was diese Gesetze für jeden Einzelnen von uns und unsere Gesellschaft bedeuten, welches Sicherheits­konzept dahinter­steckt und wer davon profitiert. Eine eindrückliche Recherche und ein Warnruf zum Schutz unserer Demokratie.
Ein beunruhigender Einblick in eine Realität, in der im Namen der Sicherheit Rechts­staatlichkeit und Demokratie sehenden Auges ausgehöhlt werden.

"Apltraum Sicherheit" von Marita Neher gibt es als Buch oder als E-Book beim Fischerverlag. Sollte es beim Buchhändler Ihres Vertrauens nicht im Regal stehen, so kann der Buchhändler es (als "Proxy") innerhalb von 24h auf Bestellung für Sie besorgen.

Einige kurze Zitate aus der Einleitung des Buches unter dem Titel "Die Doppelgefahr des Terrors":

Erst im Laufe meiner Beschäftigung mit dem Thema wurde mir klar, wie bequem ich es mir in unserer Demokratie hatte und wie wichtig es aber stattdessen ist, dass ich selber etwas zum Erhalt dieser Demokratie beitrage.
Das Ausmaß der präventiven Polizei- und Geheimdienstarbeit wollte ich lange Zeit nicht wahrhaben. Ich befürchtete, zur Verschwörungs­theoretikerin abgestempelt zu werden, zur Verfassungs­feindin. Wenn man Computer nicht funktionierte, hatte ich schon überlegt, ob das Bundes­kriminalamt an meinen Dateien interessiert sein könnte. Und obwohl die Daten meiner Meinung nach nichts enthielten, was mich verdächtig gemacht hätte, war ich mir dessen plötzlich nicht mehr sicher.
Am Anfang meiner Recherche hatte ich einen Wissenstand, wie ihn jeder Deutsche hat, der regelmäßig Nachrichten sieht und Zeitung liest. Am Ende meiner Recherche wusste ich, dass dies nicht ausreicht, um sich eine unabhängige Meinung zu bilden. Es ist mir deshalb wichtig, meine Erfahrungen und Informationen öffentlich zu machen. Es ist mir wichtig, weil ich in Sorge darüber bin, wie sich unser Land verändert, und weil ich diesen schleichenden Prozess sichtbar machen möchte.

Maintenance Window for two Mix Servers

Thursday, June 27. 2013

The data center where the two mix servers "FreeBeer" and "Goose" (both operated by L. Pimenidis) are hosted will be migrating to a new place, hence the two mix servers are scheduled to be transferred either June 27th 6am CEST or June 28th 6 am CEST. The free mix cascade "FreeBeer-Bolzano" and the premium mix cascade "Locke-Goose-Pluto" will be down for this time.

We're sorry for any inconvenience.

Terrorist Attacks

Monday, June 24. 2013

Last week general Keith Alexander (chief of NSA and chief of US Cyber Command) testifies before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence about the value of the NSA surveillance program. He claimed they have helped prevent potential terrorist events 50 times in 20 countries over the last ten years. The USA was directly affected 10 times. Precise information about prevented attacks are not public. It is not possible to evaluate the benefit of spying for counter terrorism. How much attacks were not prevented?

In USA during the last 40-some years from 1970 to 2012 up to 2,400 terrorist attacks were registered by National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism averaged 60 attacks per year or 600 attacks over ten years. Very different groups were responsible for these attacks.

  • Most terrorist attacks in the last years were done by Eco-terrorists like Earth Liberation Front or Animal Liberation Front. By FBI-rating these are the most dangerous groups since 2001.

  • Religious extremist groups: 7% of attacks were done by anti-abortion activist (Christians). For 4.9% of terrorist attacks militant Zionist groups were responsible (Jewish Defense League, Jewish Armed Resistance, Thunder of Zion or Jewish Action Movement), and 2.5% of attacks were done by militant moslems.

  • Right-wing extremist groups are responsible for 20-25% of attacks and left-wing extremist groups are responsible for 5%.

In EU member states year by year 170-500 terrorist attacks were registered, see: EU Terrorism Situation and Trend Reports 2006 (498 attacks), 2007 (583 attacks), 2011 (174 attacks).

  • Most terrorist attacks in EU were done by the separatist groups ETA, IRA and Corsican. For 85% of all attacks in 2006 and 2007 these groups were responsible. Because a political process was started the number of terrorist attacks was reduced significantly in 2011. Increasing surveillance was not a main reason for reduced number of attacks.

  • Right- and left-wing extremist groups are responsible for 60-70 terrorist attacks per year.

  • Religious extremist groups are not active in Europe, only very few isolated case were registered. Eco terrorist attacks were registered in very few isolated cases too like the destroying of a genetically modified cornfield by Movimento Verde Eufemia.

Conclusion: The benefits of the vast NSA and GCHQ surveillance programs for counter terrorism are very limited!

In Germany we have had only a few terrorist groups. Lets have a look:

  • The Sauerland terrorist group was founded by Melvüt K. He was an informant of Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) and he supplied the group with (not working) detonators for bombing attacks. It was the third trial of Melvüt K. to found a terrorist group and betray it to law enforcement.

  • The Globale Islamische Medienfront (GIMF) was founded by Irfan P. He was an informant of Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) too and got up to 3,000 Euro per month from the BfV for his work. Like Melvüt K. he was never charged.

  • Sebastian S. was the founder of the militant right-wing "Blood and Honour" network. He was warned by agents of Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) multiple times before law enforcement actions against him were executed.

  • The systematic faults during investigations of law enforcement agencies against the NSU terrorist group are not plausible without support of intelligence services for the terrorist group. Many documents about the group were wiped intelligence services before it was possible to use it for law enforcement.

We don't need more warrant-less surveillance like the 100.000.000 Euro "Technikaufwuchsprogramm" program of BND to build an espionage service like NSA in Germany. We need more control of intelligence services.