JonDoFox: Help on today's update to Mozilla Firefox 43

With today's update of the Mozilla Firefox release, Mozilla made some major changes concerning add-ons. If you do not have the current version of the JonDoFox add-on, it might not work any more in this new Firefox browser.

Important: If you are using JonDoFox, please verify that JonDoFox is still working correctly by visiting our ip-check-site. If you see any major problems here, this strongly indicates that you need to update your JonDoFox add-on.

In case you are using Microsoft Windows, we recommend you to download the latest version of the complete JonDoFox profile and reinstall it on your system:

For all other systems (Mac OS, Linux), please use this URL to directly download the JonDoFox add-on:

Unpack it by using your favorite zip/unzip tool. Then, use drag-and-drop to pull it in your Firefox browser for installation and update. If you still have problems, please feel free to contact our e-mail support, and we will help you.

If you still have problems updating the XPI, you may do the following:

1. Remove the JonDoFox add-on
2. Restart the browser
3. Move the XPI file (see link above) into the add-on list by drag using drop.

Please note that the two add-ons "Profile Switcher" and "Canvas Blocker" will nevertheless be unavailable, as their development has been stopped by third parties.

If you moreover have problems to activate "Profile Switcher" or "Canvas blocker", please do the following: 

1. Remove these add-ons
2. Restart the browser
3. Re-add these add-ons from the mozilla download site, e.g. from these URLs:

Recommendation: In order to prevent future update problems with JonDoFox, please enable automatic extension updates in your browser. You may do this by entering about:config in your address bar. Make sure the options extensions.update.enabled and extensions.update.autoUpdateDefault are both set to "true".


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  1. Marcus says:

    Can you tell by when your software repository (deb trusty main) will be udpated? I would rather install the changes through the repository than manually. Ciao, Marcus

  2. JonDos says:

    Hi, we plan to update the repository early next week.

  3. karl says:

    In about:config I set "xpinstall.signatures.required false" and in about:addons triggered "Find Updates" on JonDoFox. I hope this is ok, too.

  4. JonDos says:

    Yes, that's OK.

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