New OpenPGP software signatur key

We changed the OpenPGP software signature key for software downloads. The signatures were created with OpenPGP key 0x2146D0CD2B3CAA3E ( You may download the key file Software_JonDos_GmbH.asc from our server and import it or you may fetch the key from a keyserver. The fingerprint of the key is:

fingerprint: 6899 5C53 D2CE E11B 0E41 82F6 2146 D0CD 2B3C AA3E

If you want to be sure you got the files created by our developer you have to verify the OpenPGP signatures as descripted in our online help: Verify the OpenPGP signatures. Our OpenPGP signatures contain a SHA512 hash of the signed download file. This hash is signed with a private 4096 bit RSA key.

The MD5 and SHA256 hashes on our download websites are only for download verification. If you want to be sure you got the software created by our developers, you have to verify the OpenPGP signatures.


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