Status Report March

During the last week we released new versions of JonDoFox, JonDoBrowser and our live-cd/dvd.

Changes JonDoFox extension for Firefox
  • Because plug-in enumeration is used by many browser fingerprinters for tracking all plug-ins but Flash are disabled in no-proxy mode too. The following rules were implemented:

    • JonDo mode: You may enable Flash in in the JonDoFox settings but it is not(!) recommended. Please read our hints about Flash player security and remaining risks before you think about activating Flash.

    • Tor mode: Flash is disabled like all other plug-ins to match the behavior of TorBrowser.

    • No-proxy mode: Flash is activated but applets are blocked by NoScript. You have to enable each applet by mouse click. If a website really needs an other plug-ins, you may activate it temporary with the add-on manager of Firefox.

  • Downloads are not added to recent documents of Windows desktop to avoid traces on disk and the formfill assistance was disabled for privacy reasons.

  • Added option to config dialog for always set the proxy to JonDo on start.

  • Added a function to reset all values to JonDoFox default values by reset "extensions.jondofox.firstStart" and restart the browser.

  • Set user agent fakes to the latest Firefox versions

  • Several small bug-fixes were implemented.

Changes for JonDoFox profile

The add-ons and the bookmarks for temporary email accounts were updated in the JonDoFox profile. If you kept your add-ons are up-2-date there is no reason to update the profile at all.

Changes for JonDoBrowser

JonDoBrowser 0.14 was build with Firefox 24.4.0 esr and contains the new JonDoFox profile.

For Linux and Debian packages a complete rewrite of the build scripts was done to simplify futher development and maintenance. Search engien plug-ins were moved from user profile to browser to keep it up-2-date without profil updates for the future. The Linux version contains an install script for system-wide installation. If the install script was used and for Debian packages Hunspell dictionaries are used for spellcheck.

JonDoBrowser for MacOS is not ready for Download because of unsolved problems with new build scripts. For the future we will provide JonDoBrowser only for MacOS 10.9+. Because a 64 bit CPU is required for MacOS 10.9. we will not provide a 32 bit version any more. Affected user may use Firefox with JonDoFox profile.

Update: JonDoBrowser 0.14 for MacOS (64 Bit) is ready for Download now.

Changes for JonDo live-cd/dvd

The new version of our live-cd/dvd contains security relevant software updates and some small improvements for usage. An update is highly recommended.


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