JonDoBrowser 0.7 - Status Report

Top 5 things for the JonDoBrowser 0.7 were:

1) Releasing JonDoBrowser 0.7 (scheduled for May 20, 2013): Done.
2) Integration of partial updates into the update patch for Linux systems: Not done, postponed.
3) Integrating a better compression algorithm for JonDoBrowser packages on Linux systems into the build script: Done.
4) Mozilla's reftests test suite shall work flawlessly with JonDoBrowser: Not done, postponed.
5) Removing a duplicates UnPlug in the extensions directory of the profile as this is probably causing issues during the first start of JonDoBrowser on Linux: Done.


- patch for defense against tracking with HTTP authentication created
- removed bookmark
- build documentation for JonDoFox and JonDoBrowser updated/created

ToDo for the 1.0-Release:

1) Update mechanism for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
2) Integration of JonDo into the JonDoBrowser (Windows only)
3) Making JonDoBrowser compatible with Mozilla's test suites


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