Letters from Iran

During the last weeks we got more and more e-mails from Iran.

until today 13/Feb the ssl Protocole and https was blocked and access to gmail,yahoo and other services be imposible. Jondo program be able to pass the iran censorship (nor Ultrasurf and Tor be able to break this limit).
I'm contacting you from Iran .
My only hope for connecting free internet is your software .
you are the most experienced group of German hackers to break the Internet filters in Iran
I wish i could pay you for a new account in some way but according to these amount of sanctions and banking problems it seems impossible. any way ...
Now ; all of our bank and currency issues are effected by this War against us . Its both the problem of Government and USA . they are lots of banking problems for the people here. But ... believe me ... I'll try my best to send you , what you should get .

Since the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) is blocking all monetary transactions to and from Iran and due to economic sanctions against Iran it is hardly possible for iranian users to buy premium volumes for JonDonym anymore. Additionally, the currency Rial has been dropping in value significantly versus the Euro and the Dollar.

People that are talking with each other don't throw bombs

On March 15th, Ronny Edry posted a poster on Facebook (left side) . Within 24 hours, thousands of people shared the poster. The answer from Iran (right side) appears within hours.

Iranians, we love you I do not hate you

Ronny Edry is raising money in order to produce more posters and keep the movement grow. You can support the campaign. May we prevent this war.


  1. Circumvent economic sanctions and Iran's Internet censorship

    The freedom of information is a human right and it's in danger in Iran. But you may help beside projects that are also worth to donate to: You can support iranian journalists and IT professionals by forwarding access codes for anonymisation services. En…


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  1. Anonymous says:

    The freedom of information is a human right and it's in danger in colonialist countries like USA (SOPA/PIPA) and Britain: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-17580906 The new law will enable intelligence officers to identify who an individual or group is in contact with, how often and for how long. They would also be able to see which websites someone had visited. This is just addition to: longer periods of pre-charge detention, extended stop and search powers and new extradition arrangements with the US.

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