New Iran internet blocking

Some days ago the Iranian government has ramped up censorship in three ways: deep packet inspection (dpi) of SSL traffic, selective blocking of IP Address and TCP port combinations, and some keyword filtering. The blocks on SSL are not complete and not nationwide. It seems, only the central AS12880 is blocking SSL encrypted traffic.

May be, the shutdown is related to the 33rd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, which is being celebrated by the government but has spurred protests in years past. In this case it may be possible the new censorship will be nullified in a few days (?)

We got some user reports from Iran about the results of the new censorship. SSL encrypted traffic and HTTPS to GMail, Yahoo! and other services with SSL/TLS encrypted login is imposible. For anonymisation services the situation is unequal.

  • JonDonym is not shortened by the new censorship limits. The connection wizard of JonDo is able to detect this kind of blocking and circumvent automatically. Our anti-censorship forwarders are working well, if connections to mix cascades and infoservices were blocked by IP addresses. Time by time the connections slow down.
  • Tor is not able to break the limits at the moment. The Tor metrics project shows a significant decrease of connections from Iran (direct connections and bridged connections):
    Tor user with direct connections from Iran
    Tor user with brdget connections from Iran
    In a short time will release new bridges with obfuscated encryption to circumvent SSL blocking.
  • VPNs with SSL encryption (like Ultrasurf and others) are blocked too. Allmost all VPN providers does not have any idea how to circumvent this kind of blocking.

Please, support our work by using JonDonym premium services. The earnings are important for further development and for the people in censorship countries.

Update: (2012-02-15) It seems, the new censorship was nullified after 2-3 days. Tor is working well in Iran.

Tor user with direct connections from Iran now


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