FBI's Next Generation Identification

The FBI ramps up the Next Generation Identification (NGI) and will begin rolling out it as early as this January.

NGI is the successor of the IAFIS criminal and civil fingerprint database. It expands the IAFIS to include mulftimodal biometric identifiers such as iris scans, palm print, voice data and photos. The FBI is planning to introduce each of these capabilities in pahases over the next two and a half years. It will start with face recognition in 4 US states (Michigan, Washington, Florida and Nord-Carolina).

IAFIS is already the largest biometric database over the world. The combined number of criminal and non-criminal records cover close to 1/3 of the population of the United States. When NGI allows photographs and other biometric identifiers, expands the number of records and offers sophisticated search tools, it will have an unprecedented impact on Americans' privacy interests. (EFF)

The biggest change in NGI will be the addition of non-criminal photos to the database. NGI will allow unlimited submission of photos and types of photos. Sources may be:

One of the FBI’s goals for NGI is to be able to track people as they move from one location to another. This tracking is not only releated to criminals and will not start with the rolling out of NGI, it is already running. Wired’s Danger Room blog reported on the FBI’s efforts to track Muslims in the United States. More information about this tracking were released in response to ACLU Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

INDECT is a research project of the European Union with nearly the same goals like FBI’s Next Generation Identification. EU funding "Orwellian" artificial intelligence plan to monitor public for "abnormal behaviour". It is part of the 7. Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (2007–2013). Information about the research results are censored because of homeland security interests.

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National Institute of Justice presentation at 2010 biometrics conference


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  1. Alex Pirat says:

    Kein Wunder, dass sich keiner traut, einen Kommentar zu schreiben. Die Sauerreien werden ja immer grösser, so dass es einem fast die Sprache verschlägt. Dabei haben doch nach Art. 20 (4) Grundgesetz alle Deutschen das Recht zum Widerstand. Ich plädiere aber für friedlichen Widerstand, der ist meist wirkungsvoller. Eine zeitweilige, teilweise Entmachtung der Stasi ist ja vor über 20 Jahren auch gelungen. Wir sollten diesen Prozess zu Ende führen

  2. marcus regenberg, Krefeld says:

    Leider kann man dazu nur noch sagen, dass das ganze westliche System nur noch als Demokratur bezeichnet werden kann. Mit freundlichem Gruß, marcus

  3. WithoutID says:

    Das ist der neue Weg in den Holocaust und es wird diesmal natürlich andere treffen!

  4. Alex Pirat says:

    Ich stimme zu, was den Holokaust betrifft, aber ich befürchte, es wird ALLE treffen. Es ist das Prinzip des Terrors, das alle irgendwann drankommen (http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elemente_und_Urspr%C3%BCnge_totaler_Herrschaft)

  5. adolph says:

    This is great! Now we can stop all protest!

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