Mix Hermes relocated to Kiev/Ukraine

Dear Customers,

since today the Hermes-Grolsch-Transformer Cascade has been reconfigured. It's entry mix has been moved from Prague/CZ to Kiev/UA. Therewith that Cascade is now setup as follows:

  • Mix 1: Hermes
    Location:   Kiev / Ukraine
    Operator: Behrens

  • Mix 2: Grolsch
    Location:   Amsterdam / Netherlands
    Operator: Pimenidis IT Consulting

  • Mix 3: Transformer
    Location:   Scotland / United Kingdom
    Operator: Yatrade Ltd.

With that we support efforts to strengthen the network through providing more mixes outside the European Union. Currently only the minority of 33 premium mixes are located outside the EU: four in Switzerland, two in the US, one at a time in Canada and the Ukraine.



  1. Mix Hermes relocated to Kiev/Ukraine

    With immediate effect our Mix called Hermes - part of the Hermes-Grolsch-Transformer cascade - has been moved from Prague/CZ to Kiev/UA. That measure supports our effort to strengthen the anonymous proxy server network with more mixes outside the europe…


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