JonDoFox 2.5.2: Supports SSL observatory of the EFF

Today, the JonDos GmbH publishes a new version of JonDoFox, a privacy-friendly web browser, that you may also use for anonymous surfing, e.g. over anonymous proxy servers.

What is JonDoFox?

JonDoFox is both a profile and an extension for the popular Mozilla Firefox web browser. It protects the user's privacy while surfing the web by removing identifying information from the browser. As it is open source software and free to use, it is an ideal add-on for anonymization services like JonDonym and Tor, but may also be used without anonymization software, just for safer surfing.

What is new?

This version of JonDoFox contains a default support for the SSL observatory initiative of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). When connected to the JonDonym anonymization service, JonDoFox will automatically send all SSL certificates received by public web sites to the EFF. JonDonym protects the users thereby from getting identified or getting their site accesses linked to each other. The EFF will use this data for a world-wide security monitoring of SSL certificates. Users of JonDonym may thereby help to make the web safer.

Moreover, JonDoFox is now fully compatible with the new Firefox 5. Users may therefore easily update to the new browser version.

Download: Anonymous surfing with JonDoFox


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  1. stars says:

    Hi, Thanks very much for this great feature

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