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JonDos presents the free anonymity test „IP check“ for Tor, JonDonym, VPNs and anonymous proxy servers

Regensburg, 2011-05-05. Today, JonDos publishes „IP check“ - a free and easy understandable anonymity test. The test shows at a glance which attacks a website may launch on your privacy. Moreover, you get recommendations for possible counter measures.

The IP check explains which data your own web browser sends to websites. A website may use this data to create an individual profile of your computer. By misusing such a profile, you may later get identified reliably on this or on another website. For hiding your traces on the Internet, it is therefore not sufficient to use an anonymizer service like JonDonym or Tor alone.

What is the difference to the Panopticlick project? What is new?

Panopticlick is just a demonstration on how web browser data may be aggregated to profiles. In contrast, IP check analyzes thoroughly each chance to read data from the user's browser, and intentionally circumvents various security mechanisms. In case of proxy servers, web proxies or VPNs, the test may even uncover the real IP address in many cases. This knowledge helps web surfers who strive for anonymous surfing to close „data leaks“ in their browsers. If you are using the Tor or JonDonym anonymizer service, the IP check moreover shows you in detail whether the browser settings comply with the recommendations of the Tor project, or with the recommendations for JonDonym, respectively.

The test is constantly being enhanced for considering newly discovered privacy attacks. Besides the IP check, the site also contains a list with links to many recommendable websites about the topic. You may moreover include your own free IP check as image on your website.


IP check


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