DICCDI Call for papers

Privacy and Identity Management for Communities - Communities for Privacy and Identity Management

Internet communities are spreading rapidly in all areas of life. For their members, they are central to their social networking and information sharing. In those communities, many elements of identity management are used for fundamental functions. For example, a cross-domain identity management infrastructure is often used to exchange (partial) identities with third party providers in order to generate benefits for those involved. However, this also implies privacy risks, due to the cross-domain exchange of identity information, or due to centralized data processing. The implementation of privacy-friendly technologies has not kept pace with the rapid spread of communities. On the other hand, communities can as well be utilized for improving data privacy. Many successful privacy-enhancing technologies are provided by communities of enthusiasts. They often gather for ideological reasons, to jointly contribute to a better privacy on the Web.

The goal of this workshop is to attract scientists, practitioners, representatives of communities and providers of community platforms to enable an interdisciplinary discussion illuminating this vibrant field of Internet culture.

Please note: The deadline for submissions has been moved to May 16, 2001.

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