JonDoFox 2.5.0: Anonymous E-Mail post boxes and compatibility with Firefox 4

Today, the JonDos GmbH publishes the new version of JonDoFox, a privacy-friendly web browser, that you may also use for anonymous surfing, e.g. over anonymous proxy servers.

What is JonDoFox?

JonDoFox is both a profile (current version: 2.5.0) and an extension (current version: 0.2.8 ) for the popular Mozilla Firefox web browser. It protects the user's privacy while surfing the web. As it is open source software and free to use, it is an ideal add-on for anonymization services like JonDonym and Tor, but may also be used without anonymization software.

What is new?

JonDoFox is now fully compatible with the upcoming Firefox 4. Users may therefore easily update to the new browser version once it is available. users of earlier versons of JonDoFox have to update to the new profile in oder to fully use JonDoFox with Firefox 4. In Firefox 4, it will moreover be possible again to create a history of visited web sites, as an effective protection against stealing the history has been integrated in the browser.

As a completely new feature, you may now use JonDoFox also to easily create an anonymous e-mail post box free of charge at one of numerous service providers: The randomly generated address will then be inserted automatically into the current web page, e.g. in order to use a contact form or to login to a forum. This provides the users with a better protection againts spam, and they may moreover now easily surf the web with differerent pseudonyms.

As a further improvement, JonDoFox now also sends the browser header DNT / Do-Not-Track: If web sites interpret this header, the users will be even better protected against the creation of surf profiles. Moreover, some usability enhancements and a new anonymous user agent header have been added.

The JonDoFox development team is happy to present you the new version of JonDoFox! Enjoy it!



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