Private browsing mode does not safeguard privacy while surfing the Web

As browser vendors have implemented so-called private browsing modes, people might think that separate anonymity and/or privay enhancing software is not needed at all. But recent research has shown that this assumption is wrong. There exist many data leaks be it in the browser itself or in installable extensions. For instance, self-signed certificates installed in normal browsing mode are as well available in private mode, thus allowing to connect both states and potentially track the user's surfing habits. But even if the private browsing mode worked like it should, the biggest threat of loosing one's anonymity is unmitigated: leaking the IP address. Therefore, in order to protect your privacy properly while surfing the Web (in private as well as in normal browsing mode) carefully crafted tools, like JonDonym and JonDoFox, are still indispensible.


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