A simple question about IPs

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A simple question about IPs

Post by cado » Thu Dec 21, 2017 18:58

When you use the JonDo, I'm sure your ISP can see the IP of the first JonDo server/operator but can he see also the second and or third? And what about the final destination, can he see that?

I know the answer is probably No, but I didn't see anything clear about it in the documentation and I'm not very technical, so I want to make sure.

And if indeed the answer is No, can you explain briefly how is the second and third JonDo servers IPs are hidden from the ISP? Does it work like Tor?

Thanks a lot!

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Re: A simple question about IPs

Post by NoRouteToHost » Sat Dec 23, 2017 21:30

The first hop will be visible to your ISP. This is because you need to build up a direct connection to it.
Subsequent hops will not be visible to your ISP, as the previous hop will build up the connection and route your traffic through it.

If you have any additional questions feel free to ask :)

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