Last two days to obtain 2X RSorder Loyal Points for rsgold

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Last two days to obtain 2X RSorder Loyal Points for rsgold

Post by rs3gold5 » Mon Aug 19, 2019 4:48

Senior Editor Alex Kierstein: It whimsical, it green, and it got a pug like runescape gold stubbiness that exudes a cool vibe. It not trying too hard, either. It the sort of concept car that will inform future production vehicles without directly previewing anything, but given Kia strength in green vehicles I hope the next Niro looks a little like this.
Players could always easily buy gp from rwt websites and progress faster than others. Bonds take business away from goldfarmers and gives that business to jagex. If a lot of players are going to buy gold, whether against the rules or not, doesn't it make sense for the owners of the game to be the ones to benefit? And it's not like bonds only benefit those that want to and are able to spend irl money to get gp. Being able to pay for membership with bonds not only benefits players that don't want to spend money, or are on a budget, etc., but also the players that are wealthy in game and can save some money now. Would you rather have no bonds, rampant bots, jagex making less money (meaning even higher membership costs)? "Exploiting other revenue streams", you mean jagex combatting goldfarming, rwt, and giving players the ability to pay for membership with in game money? Yes bonds are mtx but it's the lesser of multiple evils and benefits many more people than just those that spend irl money as well as jagex. If someone wants to spend $75 for bcp + tassets on 07 or $100+ for some dclaws or even $200 for 99 prayer, then so what? People that didn't buy bonds can still get the same xp rates as them without spending the equivalent of multiple years worths of membership.
This is why the gaming community in general tends to dislike Denuvo.Now, executives of publishing companies are usually not very much attuned to the gaming community, so they don know how easy it is to crack, but if they do a cursory google search, the wikipedia article may come up and they may think that it is nearly unbreakable.
I just wanna say on the topic of the skins I appreciated getting skins for Atomos and Atterax that didn have that kind of tarnished look several Grineer weapons get. I cannot stand that style and for the Atomos especially, hiding it really limited your options. I agree the Amprex skin in particular is extremely mediocre. And perhaps overall they could have put more effort into them all given how long this shop update has been in the works but I relatively satisfied with 2 of the 3.
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Re: Last two days to obtain 2X RSorder Loyal Points for rsgold

Post by stevens » Wed Sep 16, 2020 15:28

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