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Never forget to buy 60% off runescape gold on RSorder July.12

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Also indirect? That nerf couldn't have been more of a direct nerf to certain heroes if it tried. Puck took the runescape gold biggest blow from it by quite a margin though as he/she/it uses it to get out in conjunction with phase shift as opposed to only getting in/initiating 1 point submitted 6 months ago.
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Though there is a certain experiment of the first that I am curious if it is connected to this. I think it was in the ln where it was stated how the first experimented the 3rd progenitors to become child like. When spear guy challenges him to a duel, he tries to talk his way out of it first because a fight between heroes is dumb. During the fight he quite quickly came up with a plan on how to win and executed it perfectly.

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