Login and graphics at several homepages not working

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Login and graphics at several homepages not working

Post by johnnyeightpence » Sat Jan 05, 2019 16:41

I just started using the JonDoBrowser and I really like the idea and also appreciate the effort of the developers.
Nevertheless I am not 100% convinced as some logins are not working and I wonder why.

For example:
www (dot) tomtom (dot) com
www (dot) hostpoint (dot) ch
www (dot) digitec (dot) ch

When I try to login, the login form is giving me error messages or the page is plain reloading without doing anything.

And there is another question regarding the design of some pages.
If I load digitec.ch for example its only plain text sometimes. There is no graphics, no images no menu structure etc.
Even if I absolutely want my sessions to be secure, this is not how I can enjoy the internet.

What am I doing wrong here?

Thanks for the support !

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