UN resolution #2334

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UN resolution #2334

Post by GiHimp » Sat Jan 07, 2017 7:09

Dear Cem,

Do you feel it, the wind of change? Do you hear the rumble in the distance? They sharpen their knifes and forging their white swords at the horizon! The new sun will harvest no fortune for the minions of the satanic herds. The gates of hell are wide open for business for those who sold their soul: Payday draws nearer. The dark one demands what you agreed upon. I see the grin on his face. No escape, nowhere to hide. Judgment day is near to you ʤɛm and your miserable ilk.

Did you hear about UN resolution #2334 and did you hear that the EU is drafting a similar resolution?

I know that the blinded sheeple reading this don't comprehend its ramifications. But you and your ilk, masters of deception and lies, you do precisely know what to make of it.

Where to hide Cem, where to hide. Tricky riddle, isn't it? The U.S. of A.? Are you kidding me? That's where the thunder comes from! Israel? They despise traitors followed by death penalty. You know best how good they are in blowing people up and let it look like an accident or blame it on terrorists. Turkey? Come on, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is gonna eat you for breakfast. New Zealand? The last Jewish Premier just quit. Bikini Atoll? Well, maybe, if you prefer your miserable braincells dissolve slowly in decay. At least you have the advantage of going real mad before taking your terminal breath and finally free humanity from your parasitic existence. Besides, there are no appropriate roads for the Porsche you call your own, and for which the German taxpayer paid for. But lots of mutated reef sharks are roaming the waters down there.

As you see, odds are really not in your favor. What did you expect? Piggybacking on German peoples' paycheck forever? How unwise of you to think so.

Maybe turn-coating might be the ultimate trick that will do. Are the public sheeple gonna buy it? This time I doubt it. And if you should decide to reach escape velocity by suiciding, I'm sure the dark one will take care of you eternally.

And while we're at it, say hello to - what's that biological object called again, ah yes, Claudia Roth, ex-dramaturgy-assistant of a provincial puppet theater and todays Vice President of the Bundestag (if I'm not mistaken). She might ought to know that above mentioned procedure is mandatory.

And rest assured, as long as I am around on planet earth, you and your psychopathic ilk will be held accountable. I promise!

This message was written under the right of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

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