Drones as a cool tool

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Drones as a cool tool

Post by FussyEater » Wed Dec 09, 2020 23:08

A few weeks ago, I bought a quadcopter. After I learned to fly it. I've been practicing getting good video images. I decided that I would use it to inspect my roof. I haven't been there in years. In any case, I was able to find a small depression in the roof, which is not visible from the ground. I went up to the attic and found a place. I must have stepped on the H-clip. I looked at the rest of the roof. Air vent turbine, tarred the seams, and attaching solar panels, gutters, etc. All the blessings. Besides, I didn't have to go up the stairs. 👍
Now for the funny part. I flew it across the stream from the cabin. I turned it to take some pictures. And then I realized that I had not finished painting the wall of the wing, which stands on the steep Bank of the stream. This wing has been there for 13 years, and I never noticed it.
So if you already have all the necessary tools. About the same price as a decent cordless drill. You can get a nice inspection camera that you can have fun with when you're not checking things out. LOL.

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Re: Drones as a cool tool

Post by IsaacBrown » Wed Dec 09, 2020 23:21

Good story darz. So yesterday I got my Harbor Freight 25% off coupon for this weekend. And got on the web site to see what I could buy. A drone with camera! $50 less 25%.

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Re: Drones as a cool tool

Post by ShortShot » Wed Dec 09, 2020 23:23

Very interesting and unusual use of a quadrocopter :) Personally, I did not even think of using this device in this way. I also recently bought a drone, but I use it mostly for photos and videos. I have my own YouTube channel where I post these videos. I bought DJI Mavic Air Drone and it is the best device that I ever had. I read a review on this model at this platform buyersimpact and I am happy that I found this article. Mavic drone is a foldable and portable, it has 4K Video Camera, it is easy to use quadcopter drone suitable for first-time users. By the way, I think with the help of such a drone I can make an inspection for my home, too.

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Re: Drones as a cool tool

Post by Garibaldi » Mon Dec 28, 2020 7:54

Definitely paying attention to what you are talking about. I have discovered the very essence of these solar panels and batteries with the guides https://solarpvadvisor.com/best-indoor-solar-lights/ and have even bought a couple of them for my home on the advice from the site. Yes, it works ;)

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