Thread for those who suffer from back pain

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Re: Thread for those who suffer from back pain

Post by ShortShot » Tue Dec 01, 2020 21:36

Avanice wrote:
Sat Nov 14, 2020 0:11
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Re: Thread for those who suffer from back pain

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Re: Thread for those who suffer from back pain

Post by Varamand » Thu Dec 10, 2020 16:05

I think this kind of pain is a terrible thing. Many people lose hope when they hear that doctors cannot help. I hope your husband is not one of those people and he has strong willpower. I have one idea how you can help him. When I had spinal surgery, I had very severe pain that did not go away. All the doctors could help me was just a strong pain reliever, which would very much damage my body, so I refused and started looking for another way to solve this problem. I decided to try buy kratom bulk on the advice of my friend, since I had no other choice and it turned out to be an excellent solution. Kratom didn’t eliminate such severe pain 100%, but it helped me a lot in reducing it, so I almost did not feel it.

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Re: Thread for those who suffer from back pain

Post by Jake_plein » Thu Dec 10, 2020 22:05

Hello everyone dot. It seems to me that it takes a lot of work in sports to cope with back pain. and treat with massage

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Re: Thread for those who suffer from back pain

Post by johnybrand » Mon Jan 04, 2021 16:38

Self-medication for back pain can lead to irreversible consequences. A doctor should prescribe a massage after conducting the necessary research and taking an anamnesis. You should not be guided by the recommendations of those who have "been through it" and knows exactly what to do. There are a number of diseases which massage is contraindicated in. Among them, high temperature, high pressure, burns, open wounds, fractures, blood disorders, and more. I had such a situation when only saved me and then the doctor prescribed me additional manipulations to maintain my health. Special attention is given by a general therapeutic massage in which all worked out back muscles and backbone. Spend it only experienced massage therapists with medical education. With the right approach, this procedure is able to significantly reduce the pain of vertebral pathologies. However, it should be borne in mind that massage cannot replace medication, exercises and other ways to deal with back pain. An integrated approach is important here.

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Re: Thread for those who suffer from back pain

Post by surfius » Wed Jan 20, 2021 23:10

Honestly, even though kratom and a lot of other stuff that I see on here helped me for a small part of the time, it was not the thing that made me survive my early 20s. Like I couldn't just get kratom before going on a hike. That thing that I'm talking about is going to a chiropractor. It was life-changing. I was also skeptical at first, as I think a lot of people are cause they just think about a massage, but that's not at all what the procedure is. I went to Zaker Chiropractic and I couldn't have nicer words to say about them, recommend to anyone that is struggling with backpain regardless of age.

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