JonDo on Raspberry Pi

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JonDo on Raspberry Pi

Post by heddha » Tue Aug 16, 2016 12:53


I'm currently trying to set up a Pi as a wireless access point, which one can use to surf via either Tor or Jondo, or without anonymisation.
The switch between 'use Tor' and 'use no anonymisation' works really well via iptables.
JonDo presents more of a challenge. I installed JondoConsole and the JondoDaemon. When I use JondoConsole, and set it up to listen on my Pis ip (-n it works well, but I have to change the proxy settings of my browser.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but from my understanding, in order to not have to modify the browser settings, I'd have to use a transparent proxy between my iptables configuration and JonDo. I tried to stick to this tutorial: ... socks.html
The configuration of transocks_ev that I used was

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 sudo -u transocks_daemon transocks_ev -H -p 4008 -S -s 4001 
My iptables configuration routed all incoming traffic (except the traffic to port 53 and 22 for now, just for testing purposes) to port 4008, where transocks_ev listens for incoming traffic. transocks would forward everything to JonDo, which listens at localhost:4001.

This doesn't work.

Is my understanding of a transparent proxy incorrect? Do I use wrong settings? Is there another transparent proxy that you would suggest would work better?

I would appreciate any help you could provide.
Thanks a lot in advance!

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