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by Maser
Wed Jan 14, 2015 0:05
Forum: Conceptual questions and discussions
Topic: Physical/hardware attacks?
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Physical/hardware attacks?

Correct me if I write anything wrong, but here is one hypothetical attack: The mix servers are located in one city somewhere in the world, but their location is known. The operator may or may not be in the same country. The first question is does the map in the settings (Config -> Anonymity -> Map (...
by Maser
Sun Dec 07, 2014 14:30
Forum: Conceptual questions and discussions
Topic: JonDo possibly broken/compromised?
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Re: JonDo possibly broken/compromised?

Anyone can explain this content shown in the picture? [img=] This picture shows the certificates, this is the only way how I can see the key strength of said certificates (in this example DSA encryption with a key length of 1024). Further information please? D...