JonDo – the IP changer MacOS

JonDo is the proxy program you have to install on your computer. It acts as a proxy and will forward the traffic of your internet applications encrypted to the mix cascades and so it will hide your ip address. You may use JonDonym for free too, but full speed and anonymisation features you will get only with a premium account.

Version: 0.20.001, OpenPGP signature,
MD5: eecf79c86b0c06208c1f63dbca27e028

JonDo will provide an anonymisation proxy for you, but it does NOT change your system settings. You have to configure the proxy setting of each internet application you want to use anonymous with JonDonym by self. For anonymous web surfing our preconfigured Firefox profil JonDoFox is highly recommended. Tutorials for other applications you may find in our online help.

JonDoFox – anonymous and secure web surfing

JonDoFox is a profile for the Mozilla Firefox web browser or Firefox ESR (recommeded). It is optimized for anonymous and secure web surfing. and highly recommended for anonymous surfing together with JonDo.

For MacOS you may use the Linux/MacOS TAR archive:

Version: 2.15.0 (2016-03-20), OpenPGP signature,
MD5: 1a1b5e6adf4a2497040cf11255afab1b

By default JonDoFox uses restrictive settings for security reasons. Time by time a website does not work like expected. You may have a look at our online help for JonDoFox to learn how to deal with restrctions.


Our online help contains tutotials for:

Changelogs and sources you may find here.