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Installation of JonDoFox

The installation integrates the JonDoFox profile in a locally installed Firefox, so that JonDoFox operates seamlessly with your system. Any previous Firefox configuration you may have created remains untouched by the installation. After installing, you may choose between both your profile and the JonDoFox configuration at each start of Firefox.

Profil manager of Firefox

First, install Firefox on your system if you haven't done so yet. After that, you may install JonDoFox.

Alternatively you may choose a portable installation "for travelling" on a removable drive (only for Windows). This will install a portable Firefox too.


Download the JonDoFox installation program. Start the downloaded program by a (double) click and follow the instructions. At the first step of the installation assistant you can choose between "Desktop" installation and "For Travelling" option.

JonDoFox installation assistant
"For Travelling" option

If you choose the "for travelling" option, you may install JonDoFox on both a removable drive and your hard drive. Any existing Firefox or JonDoFox installation remains untouched as long as you do not install JonDoFox to the same directory and thus update an existing installation. While updating from earlier JonDoFox versions your bookmarks and your certificate database are kept.

The "for travelling" option does not create menu entries for the Windows main menu. You have to create desktop start links by self if needed. But it automatically integrates with the PortableApps menu for which a lot of other applications are available as well.

Mac OS X

  1. Download the file JonDoFox_OS_X.dmg (PGP signature).
  2. Open the file by double clicking. Then launch JonDoFox_Install with another double click.

Notice: The installer may also be used for deinstalling the previously installed profile, but beware:
Please do not change the entries that the installer creates. Otherwise, a clean installation cannot be guaranteed! Also, only use the installer for deinstallation if you have also used it for installing JonDoFox.

Linux distributions

  1. Download the file jondofox_linux_en.tar.bz2 (PGP signature).

  2. Unpack the file. You may use your favorite file manager. Click with there right mouse button on the file and choose "extract here".

    extract the archive

    Or on command line, using the command:

    > tar -xjf jondofox_linux_en.tar.bz2
  3. To install the JonDoFox profil, run the script install_linux.sh. It will create or update your the Firefox profil "JonDoFox". from there:

    > ./install_linux.sh


Users of Debian and Ubuntu distributions may use our software repository to install JonDoFox together with JonDo and keep ist up-to-date.

Alternatively you may install the Debian package jondofox-en_all.deb (PGP signature). At first install the requirements "Firefox" or "Iceweasel", "zenity" and "ttf-mscorefonts-installer" (non-free) with your prefered package manager. Afterwards you can install the JonDoFox DEB:

> sudo dpkg -i jondofox-en_all.deb

Verify the OpenPGP signatures

For all downloads we provide OpenPGP signatures. All signatur files were created with the OpenPGP key Software_JonDos_GmbH.asc. To verify the signatures you have to download the key or fetch it from a key server. Verify the fingerprint of the key and afterwards verify the signatur of your downloads.

> gpg --recv 0x2B3CAA3E
> gpg --fingerprint 0x2B3CAA3E
fingerprint: 6899 5C53 D2CE E11B 0E41 82F6 2146 D0CD 2B3C AA3E

> gpg --verify <filename>.asc

Notice When a new version of JonDoFox is released, you may always install the new version "on top of" the old one, i.e. into the same directory using the above mentioned steps. Your bookmarks and your certificate database will be kept.

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