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The Desktop

During start-up the user "user" is automatically logged in and the XFCE desktop appears.

the desktop

Double-clicking on the desktop symbol "Home" is starting the file manager Thunar. It is an easy to handle yet feature-rich file manager. File specific actions like creating or extracting of file archives, removing meta data etc. may be found in the context menu if you right-click on a file or a directory.

At the bottom right corner you may find some running applets:
running applets

configure keyboard layout

Change the Keyboard Layout

To enter your passphrases correctly it is important to use the right keyboard layout. You can see the language settings of the keyboard by the flag in the applet bar at bottom right corner. To change the keyboard layout click with the right mouse button on the flag and choose the menu entry "Properties".

change keyboard layout

In the dialog you may configure each feature of you keyboard. Most important are the language settings. Click the "Edit" button to choose your prefered layout.

Virtual Keyboard

The live-cd contains the vitual keyboard "xvkbd". You may use it to enter passwords in insecure environments. With a click in the empty bottom left corner you can open the main menu to choose the keyboard layout and modify settings.

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