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Mixmaster Remailer

If you want to write an anonymous e-mail without valid reply address (may be for whistleblowing porposes), you do not need an e-mail account. You can use the remailer network Mixmaster. A mixmaster mail goes around the world over some random remailers to hide your traces an will achieve by the recipient within a fem hours.

  1. Mixmaster uses a Tor Hidden Service vor email delivery to the mixmaster network. You have to start Tor with "Vidalia (TorGUI)" first.

    The statistics about running remailers are updated at startup automatically.

  2. You will see an simple command interface. Press the key [m] to write an new mail.

    Mixmaster Start
  3. At the next step you have to enter the recipient address and a subject of the message.

    Mixmaster 2
  4. Now you can edit the message text, press the key [e].

    Mixmaster 3
  5. It will open the editor. Important note: insert a blank line after the header lines with To: and Subject:. If the text was ready save the message and close the editor.

    Mixmaster 4
  6. If the editor was closed you are back in the mixmaster interface. You may attach a file to the message, encrypt the message using OpenPGP and afterwards send the mail to the local mixmaster pool by pressing the key [m].

    Mixmaster 5
  7. At least you have to send the messages from the local mixmaster pool to the remailers. Press the key [s] and quit mixmaster with [q].

    Mixmaster 6
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