New Mix Operator

We added 3620Systems, LLC to our list of verified mix operators. 3620Systems is located in Rochester, NY (USA). At the moment a test cascade with a first mix is running together with JonDos GmbH.

Small statement of M. Israel (CEO of 3620Systems, LLC) about his intention to join JonDonym:

Politically I follow the Pirate Party and hold the stance that information should be free, and I support the efforts of Wikileaks to make sure that information remains free.

In the last time some user of JonDonym recommended the exclusion of all US and British mix operators because of the PRISM leak of E. Snowden. We don't follow this opinion.

E. Snowden published documents about one espionage complex. The NSA in partnership with GCHQ, DSD, CSEC, GCSB and associated partners like German BND are the largest known espionage complex of the world. But there other intelligence services with vast espionage activities like FRA (Sweden), SSSI (Russia), Mossad (Israel) and more.

We can't see a border between "bad" and "good" nations but only between spying agencies and privacy activists. We don't have any reason to distrust our mix operators.


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