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During the last month we implemented some new payment methods to buy JonDonym premium traffic in our webshop. Now it is possible to pay per Liberty Reserve, cashU, Pecunix and Bitcoin. Most payment methods are only available in our webshop and will be not supported by the JonDo build-in payment. Some other payment methods were rejected after evaluation (OKPAY, Dwolla and Stripe) because of a very small user base or the requirement of an US bank account.

Some user reported problems using Paysafecard for anonymous payments. We tried to become an accepted UKash merchant too. It was rejected by UKash without comments. A few weeks ago UKash published a new Merchant Acceptance Policy and the reasons are now clear:

Ukash will not under any circumstances knowingly approve Merchants associated directly or indirectly with the following products or services:
l. IP anonymisers or private VPNs or any similar service which has the intention of hiding the true identity of a computer or device.

Anonymous payment for small amounts becomes more and more difficult. At first prepaid cards are affected at the moment:

  • In Germany you may only use up to 100 € anonymous with prepaid cards.
  • Using UKash or Paysafecard vouchers to charge your Liberty Reserve or cashU account anonymous is not possible any more. You have to submit a copy of your identity card for identification.
  • Some exchangers like ECardOne does not accept German prepaid cards any more.
  • The selling of paysafecards was closed in some countries like Spain (reported by user).

We collected some hints for anonymous payment in our online help with advices for a smooth and anonymous deployment of paysafecard cash codes and anonymous using of Bitcoin.

In the long term running Bitcoin may offer a possibility for anonymous payment. But Bitcoin is not anonymous by default. Researchers published an analysis of Bitcoin anonymity at the 28C3. It was possible to connect Bitcoin accounts and discover the IP addresses of payments. Because the function of Bitcoin is based upon internet traffic you may stay anonymous by using services like JonDonym (see our online help). Understanding of the usage of Bitcoin may be a more and more useful investment for the future (in our opinion).


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    Die interessierten Kreise der Überwachungsfanatiker haben sich wieder einmal durchgesetzt.

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