JonDonym against data retention in Germany

Again, the German government passed a law for data retention, which came into force today.

Fortunately, this is nothing JonDonym users need to worry about. Unlike the previous law, which was dropped by the Federal Constitutional Court in 2010, only Internet acces provider are affected [§113(b)(3)]. Pure Internet services like JonDonym will therefore not get into any troubles, now will their users.

In any case, JonDonym users should be safe by against such single-country-laws in general. This is due to the nature of our system: operators from different countries and jurisdictions provide the Mix services, and always two or three of them need to get their data linked together to potentially uncover users.

This allows for legitimate crime prosecution in very serious, individual cases, but effectively prevents a mass observation. Until now, there has not been any court order that obliged a complete premium cascades to log data. By default, the Mix operators neither look into the users' traffic nor do they store it. That's what you can expect, now and in the future!


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