Unperfect e-mail spam by PerfectMoney

Thoughout the last months, we got a lot of e-mails concerning a payment service called „PerfectMoney“. In these mails, a lot of „customers“ tell us their „interest“ in using this service to pay for ours. Almost all of these e-mails had the subject „Payment“ and contained only one or two lines of text. These are some of them:

„Greetings. I want to use your services. Can i
pay with PerfectMoney on your site ? Thanks !“
„Hello sir. I am interested in your services
and i want to ask you , can i use Perfect Money to pay on your
website? Thanks and have a great day“
„Hello. I want to use your services. I was
wondering if i can pay with perfectmoney ? thanks“
„Hello . 
I'm interested in using your services and i was
just wondering if i can pay with Perfect Money on your website ?“

Obviously, this is SPAM. And it originates from PerfectMoney themselves, as there is neither a URL nor an affiliate code in these messages. But how trustworthy can a payment service be, that is advertised by massive spam? We visited their German website and read:

„Genauer, zuverlässiger finanzservice, den deutsches Volk anerkennen wird“

Gipfel der Vollendung in der virtuellen Weltwirtschaft wird von nun an durch ein ideales Finanzinstitut – Gesellschaft Perfect Money vertreten, deren Zielprogramm ist es, Finanzoperationen im Internet auf ideales Niveau zu erheben.“

Source: https://perfectmoney.com/?lang=de_DE (2015-04-07)

This sounds like a very bad google translation... How trustworthy can a payment service be, that – instead of writing all English – relies on quite random translations for „informing“ their customers?

Wouldn't it be more honest and effective to directly contact us in the name of PerfectMoney, and acquire us as a partner rather than as a spam victim? 

Just for clarification: we are not against new payment services. They help us to finance our services. And maybe we would give PerfectMoney a try in other circumstances. But we hate SPAM. Maybe this article helps to stop it.


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  1. xg27 says:

    I'm afraid pursue of business interests by the means of sockpuppets pretending to be ordinary users is on a steep rise.And the occasional government troll chimes in,too.How many have the wits to distinguish? And to distinguish with certainty is hardly ever possible.What kind of Internet are we about to end up with?

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