NSA and Tor

Half a year ago in October 2013 the Guardian published the NSA presentation "Tor stinks" and we know, the NSA collects all IPs of Tor clients and Tor user get special attention of NSA. Slide 23 of the presentation:

Tor stinks

Yesterday somebody featured out that XKeyscore is used to collect the Tor client IPs. Why not? Not a big news for me, it is more a technical detail.

EVERYBODY is a target for NSA, the slogan is: "Take it all". You have to use more strong privacy enhancing technologies against mass surveillance and Tor is one of the options you have.

Privacy enhancing technologies like Tor or JonDonym may help you but can not stop mass surveillance at all. YOU have to fight on a political level too and it is time to do it NOW.

The evil face of NSA is the biggest danger for democracy. (W. Binney)


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