Staus Report April/May

Some short remark about the software releases last week:


Changes for the JonDoFox-XPI (Firefox add-on):

  • The first step for our own privacy-friendly cookie management is an additional third party tracking protection we missed in CookieMonster.

  • Because Mozilla fixed the DNS leak for websockests in Firefox 29 (not fixed in Firefox 24.5.0esr) we enabled websockets for Firefox 29 and above.

  • We enforced some Javascript settings to improve security. This settings my reduce the performance of Javascript execution a little bit but not significantly.

The new JonDoFox profile contains only updates of add-ons. It is not required to upgrade the profile at all if you keep your add-ons up-2-date.

JonDoBrowser (beta)

JonDoBrowser 0.15 is based on Firefox 24.5.0esr. We disabled Mozilla maintenance service at compile time and not by configuration.

Because of problems with German localization we are not able to provide a JonDoBrowser for Windows at the moment. We regret the delay to release a stable version of JonDobrowser, but have only small developer capacities.

JonDo Live-DVD

The new version of our live-dvd contains security relevant updates for 50 packages. An update is strongly recommended.

We provide only a DVD version of our live system and closed the support of the lite CD version to reduce the effort of maintenance because of limited developer capacities.

Mix services

We prepared some changes for exit mix server configuration to fix problems with websockets, UDP and IPv6. During next days the changes will be applied by our operators and some short disturbance may be possible on all mix cascades.


A maintenance release for the GUI-less command-line proxy client JonDoConsole/JonDoDaemon is scheduled for tomorrow.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wie viel Geld müsstet ihr in die Hand nehmen, um die nötigen Entwicklerkapazitäten bezahlen zu können, um den JonDoBrowser zur Version 1.0 zu verhelfen? Mit anderen Worten: Wie viel Geld muss die Crowd zusammenbringen?

  2. cane says:

    Wir brauchen einen motivierten Vollzeit-Entwickler (dauerhaft), der sich nur mit dem JonDoBrowser beschäftigt. Ich weiß nicht, was das an Geld bedeutet. Wer sich besser auskennt, kann ja mal eine Zahl posten.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mein Tipp: 40.000 Euro Brutto-Jahressalär für einen Software-Entwickler mit unter drei Jahren Berufserfahrung.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Die Crowd? Eigentlich eine gute Idee. Wieso kein Kickstarter (oder ein analoges) Projekt?

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